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Reme Bouchaniche USIN-e was one of the winners of imm Cologne’s Interior Innovationawards at January’s Furniture Fair. I caught up with him the next morning and had a chance to ask a couple of questions as he demoed his winning entry to the crowd around his booth.

 Why Lighting?

I see lighting as a fashion accessory for the home; plus I wanted to explore working with new materials and lighting seemed like a good choice.

What role did materials play in the design?

 I like to explore materials especially materials under tension. I also wanted to explore the relationship between the construction of an object and how it “works”.

 What was the one thing you learned from this project?

To think simple.

His inspiration was based on the principle of an organic body composed of skin and skeleton. In pulling the pendant light’s center rod, the intensity of the light is raised or lowered; coinciding  with the pulling of the light’s fabric membrane. In order to produce a flowing and expressive movement, the designer concentrated on a very precise and harmonious gesture focused on one point. In this way, the lamp becomes a temporary shape creating a poetic time from daily use.

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