These Birkenstocks were Made for Sleeping…


These Birkenstocks were made for sleeping… yup that’s right. Birkenstock launched a line of beds this month in another of our spotting of brands, iconic and otherwise, expanding their portfolios into the home furnishings/ design arena. We’ve talked about this a lot. A lot of these entrées are being driven by consumer interest and the purchase of goods and services marketed under themes such as wellness, sustainable, natural, holistic, etc. You heard it here-Sleep is the next new lifestyle.  


Birkenstock is jumping into the world of beds with an emphasis on health, bringing the level of comfort they’re known for providing “to the tips of your toes” into the bedroom. They have produced a variety of frames and mattresses (four box spring beds and two insert variants to be exact) that adapt to the body’s contours and encourage restful sleep. The beds feature a specially designed, natural latex support layer with granulated cork, and other natural materials like high-quality natural leather and wool felt.


Birkenstock says that the brand extension is a subject that has “long been close to our hearts: the expansion from anatomically shaped footbeds into anatomically shaped beds . Birkenstock have stayed true to their roots by paying special attention to the feet, with an extra heel relief zone in the slatted frames and mattresses. They are not yet in the US , and they price out at about $10,000.  


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