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The Design Business Rx workshops provide an opportunity for you to receive specific advice and information from acknowledged industry experts based on your interest and needs. You’ll work in sessions with 10 people, at the most, in order to give you the time and expertise necessary. Most sessions will require pre-show and post-show homework on your part. These business-changing strategy sessions are intense, detailed and focused on YOU, allowing you to leave Vegas with pragmatic action plans that will grow your business. 

DBRX Consultations

A business-life-shifting strategy session focused on you and your work in the world.Here’s your chance to access more than 30 years of design, marketing and industry experience, all focused specifically on YOUR business. Sign up now for a 1-1/2-hour Design Business Rx session with Deb & Susan, each strictly limited to six people per session

 You’ll be required to do pre-show and post-show “homework” and depending on your needs and issues, there will be post-show follow up from Deb & Susan.

We’ll talk to you about your responses to the DBRx pre-session questionnaire, analyzing your plans, identifying new opportunities, providing support in areas of particular concern and brainstorming with you on next steps and new ideas. We’ll focus on things that you’re passionate about and that can make you money. Plus, we’ll help you map out a plan to get started and to keep the momentum going. The conversation lasts 1-1/2 hours and you’ll leave with meaningful moneymaking ideas, clear priorities, renewed energy and interest in your business, along with useful connections and resources..

There are only four sessions available, so register now! 

If you need a “big-picture” review of your business—what are your opportunities and what practices may be holding you back—sign up for one of the DBRx consultations. If you know specific areas you want to work on—from marketing, to PR, to business-building, and more—choose one of the eight other DBRx sessions.

For more information, pricing, descriptions and to register visit

 DBRx Schedule

Monday, April 25                              

            1:00- 2:30        DBRx Workshop Consults

            2:45- 4:15        DBRx Workshop Consults

            4:30 – 6:00       DBRx Workshop Consults

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