Exploration: Heimtextil’s 2017-18 Trend Theme


“Exploration” is the overarching trend theme that defines this year’s Heimtextil Trendtable for 2017/2018. This years’s theme was inspired by this quote from Italian climber Simone Moro, ‘The age of discovery is not yet over’, said in 2016 after he conquered the mountain Nanga Parbat in Pakistan in an exceptional feat of strength. His successful climb led him to encourage people to be brave enough to continue making discoveries in all areas of life and research. Driven by the vision of reinvigorating our scientific curiosity and spirit of discovery, the Heimtextil Trendtable has selected a variety of innovative materials, textures and new patterns for the international trade fair Heimtextil that will supply designers with innovative strength and new creative inspiration.HT_Trendtable_7908+

Even though it is still three months before the next Heimtextil,, the Trends team 2017/2018 has already met. Across two days, creatives from France, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA discussed current trends in the fields of textiles, art, fashion and architecture. During the meeting in France, all the design studios represented at the meeting presented their own trend predictions; these were then discussed and developed further. The designers present incorporated a variety of materials and textures, colors and patterns from all over the world into the mix. At the end of the process, a mutual, globally applicable trend prognosis for the coming 18 months was established and will be realized in the form of the Heimtextil Trendbook and “Theme Park” at Heimtextil in January.

The results of the Trendtable, Exploration, were presented to the public in advance of the trade fair as part of the Theme Park Preview. Here’s a sneak peek at the trend:


The Heimtextil trend experts have examined the disciplines of retail, technology, hospitality, transport, work and home and made numerous new discoveries. Essentially, the trendtable did some  “marketing decoding”, looking at start-ups, tech, pioneering design projects to see what was happening in the marketplace and how it could be of benefit for companies and their brands in future. Based on the theme ‘exploration’, they looked for materials, textures and elements to bring innovations to life. In doing so, they discovered fabrics that gave rise to surprising combinations when merged with other materials.

This dual trend is characterized on one hand by an ambitious call for exploration, fueling a desire to travel and visit unknown areas, and on the other hand by creative introspection; the need to examine and understand how human beings work. This paradox of the modern era is itself the embodiment of the new explorer energy.

Virtual Explorations

Digital processes enable a new interpretation of transparency. Thanks to a mother-of-pearl-like shimmer, fabric is brought to life in a vibrant way. Films and silk are reminiscent of reflections in water thanks to dazzling holographic brilliance. Extravagant floral patterns, embroidery, jacquards and lace dominate and give rise to astonishing fascination. A new form of digital exoticism is born. Structures from cell organisms inspire and convey a new understanding of 3D. Organic-animal structures give technical materials a sensuous-poetic flexibility. Colors are lively and reminiscent of water.

virtual-teck-floral   virtual-reflets-numeriques

Cultural Explorations

A new urban multiculturalism unfolds: various cultural influences merge to form a unique multinational in-culture. This transformation can also be seen in interiors. A focus on particular cultures is increasingly disappearing. Traditional techniques are being modernised and merged together, resulting in highly modern and luxurious modifications. Pigment colours merge with urban shades to form a universal ethnic look.

cultural-urban-ethnic   cultural-modernized-tradition

Planetary Explorations

In an unknown, interplanetary world, raw materials are used and the interior becomes a mineral itself. A new, magical brilliance is extracted from the materials, which are given protective characteristics. From this wealth of materials arise material extracts and textures hitherto unknown. New wipe techniques form fine structures of mineral-like delicacy. The principle of controlled chances leads to new kinds of shading. Deliberately voluminous materials are reminiscent of the surface of the moon and serve as soft, protective shells. The colour palette plays with light and dark and oscillates between bright white and ash-coloured tones.



Natural Explorations

The way to rediscovering urban aspects takes us through nature. The use of natural materials in industrial manufacturing processes is more contemporary now than ever before – not least out of respect for our planet. But this isn’t enough: the interior is entering into a symbiosis with nature. Touch is dominated by natural fibre effects such as wood-like reliefs or bark structures. The materials make use of geometric elements in order to imitate the plant world. Details from the animal world are incorporated with the help of textures. This gives rise to camouflage patterns, both original and finished, from the animal and plant world. Intensive green tones mix with colours inspired by tree bark and earth.


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