Genius: Fortuny Mosaics



Fortuny has turned the concept of a mosaic on its end.  Design director Pietro Lunetta’s vision of combining the potential of mosaic tile (and its inherent strength and hardness) with the pliability of textiles. The dream turned to fabrication, resulting in Fortuny Fabric Mosaics.


 “Mosaics are a form of independent art expression and have taken many compositions over the years – from clays and pebbles to marbles and glass, the mosaic preserves charm of arrangement through forms and fragmentation of colors.”

At first glance the mosaics look traditional, but on closer examination you are drawn in by their unexpected warmth and linger discovering the nuances of tiles within tile.The 12-inch-square fabric wall tiles are composed of smaller tiles in a choice of two sizes, .39 and .79 of an inch, that are first attached to felt for firmness, then bonded to vinyl to aid application.

 fortuny1  steve freihon

The invention is already turning heads in the manufacturer’s New York showroom, where 19 fabrics come together to form a 9-by-13-foot floral triptych. Fortuny Fabric Mosaics are the first patent held by Fortuny since the 1940s. Intended for decorative use, Fortuny Mosaics create a comfortable sound proof ambiance, while also adding continuity to upholstered pieces in rooms. Architects and designers can commission designs in any size, using Fortuny fabric, or customize entirely.



True to Mario Fortuny and his drive to invent and innovate, the company’s owners Maury and Mickey Riad have developed a catalog app, Rounded Corners so now you can see Fortuny Mosaics on your iPad.

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