Heimtextil Trends 2011/12 Part 2


Here is part two of Heimtextil’s Trends 2011/12- Utlilty and Wilderness.

Consumer society has changed – Utility invites you use it

The global financial crisis, natural catastrophes, a excess of products and information are causing people to pause to think about and reflect on their current lifestyle. Nowadays, a decisive factor in purchasing decisions is the consideration about what is really important. Consumers are sick of design for design’s sake, Utility stands for simplicity, accessibility and an invitation to use.


Products marketed aggressively in glossy brochures are being replaced by the untreated and fundamental. Designed for everyday use, Utility products give greater meaning to their relationship with the user and suggest a longer lifespan. The pure, modest and unadorned are celebrated.

Again this trend has been broken done into four directions.

The trend feature Makeshift shows how designers extol the mantra of simplicity, by adopting a “no waste, no demand” approach.



Under the title Industrial Accents, simple, honest textile techniques convey a feeling of reassuring comfort.

Workwear stands for products, which indicate stable values. Authentic, timeless objects create a hint of nostalgia, a feeling for heritage and for the handcrafted.

For Utility Lux designers have taken their inspiration from standardised industry and commercial fitments to create a refined look.



Wilderness – back to where we came from

The world we live in is high-tech and consumption-controlled, confidence in governments, economic structure and energy supplies has been shattered. So consumers are striving for more self-reliance and want to achieve an ultra-sustainable lifestyle. In order to achieve this, some are breaking free of their normal way of life in a radical way and adopting the Wilderness lifestyle, which means being at one with nature.

A new interest in crafts from the past is evolving. People are looking for distinctive individualistic features marked by imperfection not perfection. A new organic look is being created, which nature captures in all its forms, characteristics and materials.

Primitive Raw paves the way for a new interest in simple shapes and manufacturing techniques.

Nature’s Harvest describes an unbridled ecological aestheticism and wild, natural shapes, created from untreated materials.

Folk Tales shows the efforts made by a new generation of designers to transfer forgotten skills and craftsmanship into the modern era, with the aim of creating a meaningful link between the local and the global.

Untamed Nature makes clear how nature is treated rather than processed. Design is inspired by a revival of the craftsmanship from a bygone era.


These trends will be unveiled at Heimtextil January 14, 2011. Though I am seeing hints alrady in the marketplace. More on that later.

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