Heimtextil Trends 2011/12


Traditionally, Heimtextil presents the textile trends for interior design and decorating six months before Heimtextil. The trend statements are developed at a two-day creative conclave of six international style agencies, one of which – this year, The Future Laboratory from Great Britain – filters out four major directions from the forecasts, color palettes and materials amassed and translates them into a trend concept.

The Trendtable is also made up of the following firms:

  • Claudia Herke, Cem Bora and Annetta Palmisano of bora.herke (Germany)
  • Anne-Marie Commandeur and Arie Vervelde of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam ( Netherlands)
  • Mayouri Sengchanh , head of Exalis together with Dominique Cherpin represent Carlin International (France)
  • Dan Namura of Dan Project (Japan) and his brother Gen are two young Japanese designers from Tokyo who trace their origins back to the famous ‘yuzen’ technique of dyeing and weaving kimono fabrics in Kyoto.
  • Emma Clerici and Manuela Bonaiti of the Baolab (Italy)
  • Caroline Till and Kate Franklin from British style agency, The Future Laboratory

Now for the best part- a sneak peek at 2011-12 Heimtextil trends:

 The 2011/2012 Heimtextil Trend Reconnect combines inspiring, amazing, thrilling sensual textiles with the rational. This year’s trend statements reflect a new functionality, value-awareness and sustainability. They are Sobriety – Mix Mash – Utility – Wilderness.

In the 21st century, people want to be amazed, carried away and overwhelmed by ideas, sentiments and philosophies. They have a strong need to concern themselves with values, live in harmony with nature and be extremely authentic. A feel for the handcrafted reflects this just as much as the need to limit consumption voluntarily.

The four Reconnect directions refer back to nature and roots in Sobriety, to culture, identity and tradition in Mix Mash. Utility recommits to real values and the art of craftsmanship and Wilderness to the essential, functional and every day.

Sobriety – a return to the essential and traditional

The Sobriety trend theme shows where short-lived, seasonal trends end and consistent value begins. The background to this change in consumer behavior is that, in recent years, consumers have built on an ethical self-image, concrete quality and service demands, which they want to maintain, even in difficult financial times. Consumer behavior may have changed but standards have not. The new consumer landscape is characterized by quality, longevity, sustainability and significance.

In this context, a new generation of designers are researching forgotten skills and traditional craftsmanship is making a comeback. This goes hand in hand with a growing desire on the part of consumers to find out more about manufacturing and manufacturers.

Within Sobriety are four sub trends. The Serenity trend characteristic makes it clear that consumers are re-evaluating their lifestyle and are looking for products to build emotional attachment with.







New School reinterprets the classic design of the 1950’s

While Classic Modernity reflects a style, which symbolizes honesty, quality and consistency, evoking nostalgia and authenticity.




Minimal Luxury satisfies the need for pure, clean, simple designs and symbolizes a charming, timeless look.


Mix Mash combines the high-tech with craftsmanship, new with old

Mix and match is what’s happening-turning something old into something new, combining colors and patterns with abandon. Mix Mash clearly shows how tradition is being turned on its head and stylized ethnic influences from all over the world meet with novel patterns, prints and fabrics. But Mix Mash also stands for a combination of global know-how and local production techniques.The emotional strength and tradition of craftsmanship, coupled with innovation and efficient functionality, symbolize the successful juxtapositioning of high-tech and craftsmanship.

 Within Mix Mash are four sub directions: The Experimental facet shows how unconventional brushstrokes, expressive, artistic designs and graphics generate energy and dynamism.

The chaotic aesthetic of Cultural Hybrid is decadent and poetic at the same time. It blends cultural heritage with local craftsmanship and nostalgia.

Technicraft, a mixture of heritage and modernity, examines the synthesis between technology and craftsmanship, innovation and tradition.

High-tech and low tech come together in the multi-layering of kitschy trash and valuables, which Treasure and Trash elucidates .



Tomorrow we’ll look at Utility and Wilderness.

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