Make: Maison and Objet’s 2015 Trend

MAKE trend

Make –  2015 trend to be presented at the January edition of Maison and Objet. Here


Everyone wants to regain control. Homemade and handmade objects are drawing increasing numbers of devotees. Traditional forms of style are once again a source of value for manufactured objects. The ultimate luxury is now about returning to the essential beauty of technique and ennobled materials. We take pleasure in watching what goes on behind the scenes in the creative process as exceptional objects are fashioned. Makers and artisans are redefining the rules of design. Contemplation of nature, the genius of the human hand and technological advances blaze the trail in a world that is remaking itself.

Nature Made

make trend NATURE_MADE

Life scientists, artists and designers summon the spirit of Mother Nature and dabble in her laws with rather sorcerer-like rituals. Chance, experiments and mutations made by these bio-mimicry magicians catalyze ideas into wondrous things. The results are fascinating creations that herald a new generation of objects.

Observing natural phenomena inspires the quest for and beauty. It leads scientists and designers towards a common experimentation platform. Their work forecasts approaches to manufacturing that mimic or utilize the ways living things develop, recreating their  magic and spontaneous mutations. These approaches introduce new families of objects.

Human Made

make trend HUMAN_ MADE

The hand, the tool of a new luxury, touches and transforms. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of technique, new craftsmen write sensitive and rare objects. These works demonstrate radical singularity beyond their function. The art of making is freeing the object itself from the mundane, thus giving it the possibility to leave its mark upon time. The metamorphoses that separate the raw material from the finished piece illustrate a vast and fascinating range of style.

The hand plays a leading role in the theatre of technique. The world of luxury redefines value by bearing witness to the steps required to realize exceptional products. Similarly, designers overwhelmingly endorse the sensuality and singularity to these objects as a counterpoint to globalization.

Techno Made

Make trend TECHNO_ MADE

Is tomorrow’s designer hiding behind an engineer’s white coat? By designing benevolent machines connected to a digital environment, the new algorithms of contemporary comfort invent an enhanced rapport with the world and forecast new life experiments that strengthen our well-being and autonomy.

Technological innovations are expanding fashion and design material libraries, renewing ways to express beauty, goodness, even the organic. Digital feats have led to machines that are becoming benevolent partners. They meet our individual needs, democratize the production tools and allow improved interaction with our near and remote environments. Connected to one another and with us, they open our world.

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