Sneak Peek: 2013 Trends


The Maison & Objet Observatoire( trend forecasting board) is breathing in the current atmosphere; exploring and gathering clues that forecast the future; analyzing our new attitudes and spying on our latest quirks to dissect our wants. The result:

The September 2012 edition of their trend forecast: Essentials.

It is crucial to calm down, to come back to what’s crystal clear and is the essence of life. Beyond the crowded, noisy world, we can unburden ourselves.  We find we prefer the best to excess in all things. Minimalist luxury is reestablishing a bare, serene timelessness. The contemporary design  spirit is contemplating Beauty in its most elementary state. The past, present and future are merging. Discoveries in the techno-sciences are reinvigorating an optimistic vision of the future. Attitudes and styles are maximizing the senses and sensations and giving a highly desirable art of living a vibrant new spirit. Here is the Essential theme translated by three renown trend forecasters:

MINIMUM by Elizabeth Leriche

We are turning our backs on overloaded, blinged out luxury by editing our things, by choosing less and by buying the best. Bare geometry, simple lines, transparent materials, lighter forms and gradations of colors are producing high emotional wattage. Design is creating a minimalist art that plays the card of discretion and invites contemplation. Stylistic asceticism is freeing space from the weight of things and revealing the essence of Beauty in all its purity.

Furniture by Ron Gilad for Molteni



Fadeout Chair by Nendo


Blur Sofa by Thomas Thorpe for Moroso

Chairs by David Conti


ELEMENTS by Francois Bernard

Living well is changing the parameters. Now is the time for a simple timelessness that is nevertheless rich in emotions and sensations. Geometrical, archetypal, molecular or abstract forms are referencing elements like water, earth, fire and air. Design is drawing inspiration from meteorology and climatology to invent new expressions of today’s atmosphere. Between lightness and weightiness, power and transparency, force and fluidity, a new generation of objects is inviting us to dream.

Oxygen vase by Arcade

Elium Studio



Gallerie BSL Lighting


Yes Future! By Vincent Gregoire for Nelly Rodi

Here’s to tomorrow! Emerging technologies are tracing the territories of an innovative new world. Against the grain of déjà vu, modernity is sending a gentle change into orbit, activating our imaginations. Innovation is speeding up positive energies in all fields of design. Materials and their performance are sketching out a future in which the senses and sensuality are combined. With fluidity and light, we are exploring new ways of living. Tomorrow is already here.

Gaudi Chair by Studio Bram Greenen

Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees

Luna design by Inflate

To see these trends up close and personal join us on our Paris Decor Tour- September 2012 Edition. We’ll be exploring M&O, Paris Design Week and exclusive design destinations around paris.


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