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I’ve talked about the increasing interest in lavish materials, saturated color, vibrant pattern, adventurous forms and an eclectic mix of design influences for awhile now. Pair these with the fading away of all things minimal and you’ve got the Maximalism trend in interiors. This move toward more materiality signals a retreat from austere Modernism and the arrival of unrestrained exuberance, old world ornamentation and embellishment. 

Talking trends is one thing, but to validate a trend and confirm and that I got it right, I am always tracking evidence that a trend is moving through the trend cycle as interpreted in retail, products and services.  So when Ikea, the leader in Scandinavian cool, walks away from their signature look and embraces the luxe mindset of Maximalism, I know I am on to something. The layering approach and mixing of different motifs is not only appearing in mass-market brands, like Ikea and West Elm.  The top trend takeaway at Milan Design Week was Maximalism.   “Designers and manufacturers experimented with digital fabrication and rediscovered artisanal craft techniques, like lacquering, metal casting. They embraced luxurious materials and textures, tested ambitious silhouettes, and piled on the details to yield products and furnishings that are visually enticing and emotionally evocative, according to Co. Design’s report.

 Hello Maximalism ….


The Ikea Fall home collection is a complete departure for this early adopter. I spotted saturated jewel tones, daring pattern, dark florals and new metallics all shot on sexy sets. It’s hard not to be a little obsessed with the mix of macramé, dark tropicalia( see my previous post to learn more) wallpapers and shag rugs that give off an exotic, even a bit surreal, vibe.


ikea surreal maximalism

Notice that Millennial Pink popping up once again. I’ll talk more about that trend in my next post.

dark floral maximalism

Love the dark floral tray! It’s perfectly on point when it come to dark florals. Inspired by a traditional textile it works in modern or vintage settings and any room in the house.

ikea5 sexy maximalism

I am so buying this flatware (it come in gold and black!) for my holiday table.

ikea3 exotic maximalismikea6 maximalism


maximalism ikea

Not only is Ikea trend forward, but always an innovator when it comes to materials. This chair is a mix of wood and plastic where more than 50% of the plastic is recycled; making it a more environmentally sustainable choice than virgin oil-based products. 


Whoever said “Less is More”; got it wrong- More is Better! There a new mood at Ikea and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Watch for future posts when I discuss some of the reasons behind the shift and how it is mirroring consumer’s new design buying behaviors. 

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