Cut ~ Fold ~ Pleat


Textiles continue to pump up the surface volume. I’ve been spotting an abundance of folding and tucking going on and you can even throw in a little bit of cutting (as in laser) creating sophisticated 3-D  structures. Fashion, bedding, lighting, floor coverings, window coverings and upholstery, are a few of the product categories undergoing neat wrinkles and stitching at the hands of some master artisans.


– Cutting and tucking are the two techniques utilized by Wiebke Weller where material and process redefines the new aesthetic. Inspired by fashion, surfaces go from 2-D to 3-D driving a dialogue between technology and materials..



– Berlin-based artist rtmis was inspired by smocking to create YFASMATIK, a result of experimenting with folding wool felt that leads to fresh symmetrical 3D patterns.  “A different profile for each side allows the combination of two different surface structures to integrate in one layer of material.  The eight unique patterns are stable and flexible for use in interior and furniture design.


– The SMOK series gives smocking a Modern makeover. Consisting of a chair, carpets and lighting the pattern is based on a grid system. The genius of this technique is in the “invisible stitches” so it can be used in larger scaled projects. The size and cut, also offer there is virtually no restrictions since the seams disappear into the smock.Imagine this as carpeting.

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative surfaces, Gigi was originally designed for the Ladybird Bar in the UK and consists of a combination of pleated and hand-sewn fabric which is laser cut and opened up to form 3-dimensional pixilation in the surface of the material.   The pixels are reminiscent of flowers opening up. The fabric takes on new meaning depending if you are viewing it ip close or from afar.

Since establishing a bespoke leather business in 2008, Genevieve Bennett has created elegant contemporary pieces for her clients with an emphasis on craftsmanship. Inspired by 3-D surface and striking patterns, she created this stunning leather folded wallpaper .



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